Increasingly it seems like people are drawn to theme camps hoping to find tickets and/or have an easier burn

Those aren’t bad reasons – and sometimes they prove to be true.  It IS easier to find tickets when you network with experienced burners.  Often it can be easier to survive on playa when you have a group of people with you sharing resources!

But before you get too excited it’s important to consider a couple things:

  • The REASON camps exist is to GIVE. We create space, build structures, signage, decor and plan activities for the benefit of complete strangers.  Theme Camps are groups of people that combine efforts to build Black Rock City.  It can be costly, exhausting and sometimes it’s not even fun!  The uniting belief behind theme camps is that we love to see others smile, laugh, grow, play and have an amazing time at Burning Man.
  • You’re giving up a little bit of your burn. Our camp requires everyone to participate in events we host on Tuesday and Thursday nights – in addition to 6 hours of camp shifts.  We do it because we love it and it fills our hearts; sometimes it means getting off an art car and busting your ass to get back to camp for your commitment.
  • A lot happens before we leave for the playa. We build, we decorate, we plan and we play!  our camp is unique from most in that we nearly all live within 10 miles of each other.  Camp members are expected to participate in at least 3 activities leading up to August 2019.  Our camp council reserves the right to ‘un-invite’ people from burning with us who show signs of not really wanting to participate.
  • There’s A LOT of cleanup once the burn is over. It’s all hands on deck when we return from Burning Man and it’s dirty work.  Our camp’s structures, tools, showers and kitchen equipment take a beating while on playa and they don’t clean themselves.
  • You’re accountable to do your best – even on your worst day.  It’s often said that everyone has a terrible day on playa.  It can be a physically and emotionally stressful environment. People reach their limits at the end of the week when everyone is ready to leave and everything has to be taken down.  You’re expected to do your best.  Our community is understanding and compassionate – but we don’t make or tolerate excuses.
  • This can become a year round love – if you let it.  Most people in the local Burning Man Community have been shocked how much Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge has accomplished in just one year.  It’s because some of us have made this a labor of love. You might find this happening for you too.  What began as a ‘bucket list’ item could change you into a ‘burner’ – the ridiculousness may or may not be worth it.  You’ve been warned!

Keep in mind there are LOTS of people that participate in Burning Man without joining a Theme Camp. Many would argue, with good reasons, that everyone who attends Burning Man should try it camping on their own sometime.

If you’re still interested in participating with a Theme Camp and you think you’d like to be a part of Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge you can reach out to any existing member in our camp.

You can also message our Camp and Culture Lead, Jeremy Meehan via

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