You're really doing this!

Applying to be a part of Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge is pretty simple.  Please remember: There are lots of ways to burn.  You can go to burning man without a theme camp.

Joining a camp means that you're making commitments to us - and it also means that our camp is making commitments to you.  It causes stress if someone breaks a commitment - in a desert lake bed for 9 days it can cause A LOT of stress.

When we say we've got your drinking water, shade, placement and dinner needs taken care of - we're VERY serious about these things.  We hope that you'll take your commitments to our camp equally serious.   Don't fuck with us - we're a voodoo camp. =)

1 - Apply

Complete this application. You should have your emergency contact information and the name of someone in this camp that is vouching for you ready.  Do your best!

2 - Interview

Within a week of your application our Camp & Culture Lead will schedule a video chat interview with you.  Another member of our Camp Council will also participate in that interview.

3 - Commit

If your interview goes well you'll be invited to a Council meeting where our camp will make some promises to you - and you'll make some promises to us.  This is the beginning!

4 - Contribute

Your financial dues are $380 and are due on June 6 or $400 on July 7. For returning members they are $280 and $300 respectively.  Financial contributions are collected via Venmo.

5 - Participate

Be sure you're participating!  Our Culture Lead can contact you as late as August 1 and withdraw our camp's commitments to you if we see that you're struggling to participate pre-playa.