Every Participant is Responsible for:

Planning and Preparing for all of your needs.

Radical Self-Reliance doesn't change because you're a part of a theme camp.  If anything your responsibility is GREATER.  We're working together to do something special and to enjoy shared fun. Have a plan - for everything.  Your water, food, shelter, waste and health are your responsibility.  If you're collaborating with this camp then you must mean what you say and partner with responsible people.  Be responsible to understand how the camp works, how our collaborative systems work and what your contribution is. Begin by reading the Burning Man Survival Guide.  Read it TWICE if this is your first time !

Physical Work.  
Burning Man can be confused for a festival - but there are no spectators in our camp.  We all contribute and the experiences are richer because of it. Communal Effort means everyone works.  Things require cleaning, lifting, moving and repairing.  This whole experiment works best when we collaborate to be amazing citizens that show up - not just to consume - but to participate.

Educating Yourself.  
Subscribe to Voodoo Lounge email newsletter, to the Jack Rabbit Speaks Burning Man newsletter.  Read the Survival Guide. Read through, and interact with, our Slack discussion threads on topics spanning water supply, shelters and transportation.  Our camp leaders spend 100's of hours preparing through the year.  Take 100 minutes and comprehend this information so you can be a good fellow burner.

Assume Full Responsibility.  
By participating in Burning Man you acknowledge that you are assuming the risk of serious injury or death.  It's up to you to make sure this doesn't happen.  Carry water with you at all times. Be careful when getting on and off vehicles.  Wear lighting at night so that nothing runs into you in the dark.  Show good sense and restraint when consuming alcohol or other substances.

Outlined below are critical leadership roles and designated persons that we will rely on to have a happy burn.  ADDITIONALLY everyone should find a couple volunteer shifts to commit to - making a difference in our kitchen, building our camp, running our showers, and helping to pack up at the end of the week.

Step Up. 
If someone is carrying something heavy, lend a hand.  If there are dishes that need to be washed, wash them.  If a trash bin is overflowing, ask one of your leaders how to deal with it and then take care of it.  If you spot something potentially dangerous, like exposed rebar or a loose gas valve, find a way to secure it and let someone know about it.  BE a participant.  Spectators and consumers suck away the magic of Burning Man.

Pay Your Dues.
Dues of $380 are due to Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge on June 6.  Dues increase by $20 on July 7 and then an additional $20 on August 8. Message us if money is a problem - please don't just say you're going to be a part of this community and then go dark on us.  Sometimes speaking up is a good way to start solving your own money problem.

Anointed Ones:

Everyone has a role in the community.  Some are formalized for the purpose of planning and reliability.  Some - like kitchen coordinator - involve leading a team of people from our camp.  

Master of MOOP
Our camp has a substantial commitment to leaving no trace on the playa.  Greywater, zip-ties, wood splinters, tent stakes --- these and so many other things are easy to be careless with.  Winds over 70mph can further complicate things.  Each of us are responsible for leaving the playa as clean as we found it. The Master of MOOP daily walks through our camp looking for messy situations that might get out of hand. MOM draws our attention to and requires us to correct the situation.  MOOP Master helps coordinate our clean-up efforts at camp tear-down - and should plan to stay at Black Rock City through Tuesday following the burn.

Security and Safety
Pretty simple really.  This person walks through our camp daily and makes sure that automobiles are closed and locked and that our camp kitchen and shower facilities are ship shape.  Theft is not something BRC is known for - but some of our resources (water, fuel, generators, hydration beer) are critical and we don't want them walking away.  While they survey the camp for security they'll keep an eye out for especially dangerous tent stakes and preventable hazards to people moving around at night.  This person is responsible for being sure our First Aid kit is stocked and located at the communications board.

Kitchen Coordinator
Designs our kitchen in the months leading up to burning man.  Also coordinates the team of people preparing the food, planning the menu and purchasing the supplies for our community meals and daily coffee.  Arrives early entry or at gate open to oversea camp kitchen construction.

Surveyor / Site Layout
This person should have an excellent concept of what our camp layout needs are - especially in the weeks prior to burning man. They will adapt our configuration as needed upon arriving at Black Rock City using an early access pass provided to our camp builders.  They'll measure and establish our camp boundaries.  They'll determine where our lounge, kitchen and showers should be sited. They will tell arriving camp members where they should locate in the camp after they've checked in with the camp daddies.

Care, Communication, Coordination

Throughout the week in the voodoo lounge there will be a communications and message board where camp member's photos, names, schedules for shift duties will be presented for everyone's easy reference.  This person designs the board and maintains it.  This space needs to be kept tidy and current.  This person also takes note if everyone in our camp has been sighted each day and alerts the rest of us if someone is missing or seeming unwell.

The Sacrament Steward (aka water resource manager)

Our fresh water is delivered a couple times during the week burning man. Our grey water is pumped out a couple times during the week.  It can be very bad if a needed a fresh water fill or grey water empty are missed.  Sacrament Steward works with the voodoo lounge, and OSS to be sure we know when to expect these deliveries and that our tanks are properly capped, tarped and not leaking.

The Cold One (diviner of ice)

Ice is one of the supplies we rely on to purchase from Arctica at Burning Man every other day.  The Cold One collects requests for ice and coordinates which two camp members will take the ice wagon to bring ice back to the voodoo lounge at 10am every-other-day. 

Two men getting ice in a wagon at burning man from Arctica at center camp.

“I suppose the biggest reason is the people themselves. I had finally found a group that I felt so naturally in line with. I had also found a place where decency was the currency, not money; a place where hard work was sexy; a place that challenged your worth and where justice was governed by honor. I had found people whose thoughts didn’t live in boxes, and whose minds weren’t merely highways for other people’s ideas to ride upon.”  ~Coyote, when asked why he keeps coming back to volunteer at Burning Man each year.