Our Comfy Cozy Camp Leads for 2019!

Camp & Culture Lead:  Jeremy Meehan

Responsible for communications with Burning Man for placement, Directed Group Sale (DGS) Tickets and Work Access Passes (WAP).  Primary public voice of the camp for coordination with regional and multi-regional collaborations, social media, website and email. Manages our camp established process for welcoming and on-boarding new camp members. Communicates and reinforces camp expectations of all camp members. The Camp Lead cannot make commitments on behalf of the camp without the council's consent. This position is only available to a Council Member.


Council Chair: Jess Booker

Oversees and supports how our council operates and conducts itself. Keeps record of council actions, discussions and bylaws.  Serves as the voice of the council, when needed, for communicating with camp members via slack, email, and facebook group.  This position is only available to a Council Member.  When the way forward is unclear, muddled or divided (and a vote cannot address the issue) the council chair provides direction.

Logistics & Build Lead: Dale McDonald

Designs and proposes camp structures and camp layout to council. Manages any storage relationships or leases. Tracks the whereabouts, quantities and condition of all camp physical assets.  Oversees the selection and acquisition of all camp fixtures in partnership with the leaders involved in those areas. Orchestrates the transportation of all camp assets to and from playa (truck, insurance, fuel). Meets with placers on playa to correctly identify and survey the boundaries of our camp. Partners with LNT lead to minimize playa remediation when we leave. Directs the cleaning, storage and repair of camp assets after burn and provides inventory report to Finance Lead by October 1.  This position is only available to a Council Member.


Finance Lead: Jackie Dufour

Drafts and proposes camp budget to council for review and approval.  Provides monthly accounting to camp council of transactions and camp financial position and bank account statement.  Facilitates a discussion with council to establish a final budget by May 5.  Determines dues for new and existing members with council approval.  Receives and tracks all camp income and expenses in a bank account separate from their personal finances. Designates a separate person to issue payments, make purchases and issue reimbursements (accounts payable). Closes books October 15 and provides an after-burn report to council with both an income and expense summary and a balance sheet showing current assets (both physical and liquid).  This position is only available to a current Council Member.

Electrical / Lighting / Sound Lead: Tony White

Responsible for the design and oversight of our electrical, lighting and sound systems throughout camp.  Works closely with the Logistics and Build Lead as well as the Experience Lead. Identifies, procures and manages all electrical, lighting and sound equipment in partnership with Logistics and Build Lead and, when applicable, the Finance Lead.  Delivers fixtures and assets to Logistics and Build Lead clean and inventoried after burn.  Attendance at council meetings is discretionary except when directed by the Council Chair.


Water Resource & Shower Lead: Denver Saunders

Manages our camp fresh and grey water systems and our Outside Service Suppliers (OSS) throughout and leading up to the Burning Man event.  Maintains our camp water and shower systems to provide drinking water and showers reliably while also conserving water and preventing playa contamination.  Works closely with Logistics and Build Lead, Electrical Lead and Finance Lead.  Attendance at Council meetings is discretionary except when invited by the Council Chair.

Experience Lead: Ö

Drafts and proposes camp interactivity to council for review and approval.  Directs and manages the scheduling and programming of our camp’s collective gifts to, and engagements with, Black Rock City citizens.  Finalizes a vision and plan for the camp’s overall contribution to BRC by April 5.

Oversees the people responsible for each interactive element of our camp’s gift to playa.  Oversees the budget line allocated to support our gifts to playa - authorizing producers to purchase materials necessary to support their specific elements.

Works closely with Electrical, Lighting and Sound Lead as needed to accomplish an exciting and welcoming aesthetic to Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge from the moment someone sees our camp.

Responsible for all camp signage in both public and private spaces.  Elevates and creates our camp aesthetic to be excellent and engaging to as many senses as possible.  Delivers decor materials and signage to Logistics and Build Lead clean and inventoried after burn.  Attendance at Council meetings is discretionary except when directed by the Council Chair.


LNT & Safety Lead: Grant Readle

Establishes and oversees our camp waste and recycling systems.  Present on playa for build (WAP) with the explicit purpose to prevent and reduce circumstances that might result in moop or burdensome cleanup later.  Leads and conducts pre-playa anti-moop education and establishes the best practices for leaving no trace while at Burning Man.  Responsible to oversee our all camp final LNT sweep before leaving playa.  Identifies, procures and manages all LNT  and safety equipment in partnership with Logistics and Build Lead and Finance Lead.

On playa during build and strike - anticipating and reducing avoidable safety risks. IFurnishes and stocks camp safety fixtures (fire extinguishers, first aid, etc).  Completes a daily inspection of camp making sure camp assets are appropriately stored and secure and that vehicles are locked and untampered with. Attendance at Council meetings is discretionary except when directed by the Council Chair.

Kitchen Lead: Madeline Weddle

Determines and oversees our daily camp dinner plan on playa.  Oversees the selection and procurement of all ingredients and equipment necessary.  Plans for and directs the daily kitchen participants to accomplish the camp’s dinner plan.  Manages all kitchen fixtures and equipment necessary to nourish our camp with daily dinners.  Establishes safe cleaning practices and educates camp members on expectations for use of our kitchen facility.  Oversees the daily ice runs and makes sure food is stored to last - and at safe temperatures.

Attendance at Council meetings is discretionary except when directed by the Council Chair.


How to Become a Camp Lead

Serving as a leader for Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge is a significant and consuming gift to our camp and Black Rock City.

Leaders are selected by our Camp Council after open discussion using secret ballots between January 1 and February 14 each year.  DGS tickets are allotted (when available) to our camp leads each year to ensure that our camp can return to playa and plan with certainty. DGS tickets typically are awarded at the end of February.

Expectations: Leaders in our camp should meet the following criteria and express their interest with any Council Member during the leader nomination window between November 1 and December 31.

  • Should have camped previously with Comfy Cozy Voodoo Lounge
  • Should be in good standing with our camp
  • Should have desire to be available, communicate responsively and be responsible for a significant portion of our camp's operations both leading up to and on playa.

Click here for more information on the specific roles and responsibilities of camp leads and council members. 

Camp Council Members

Dale MacDonald
Tony White

Jackie Dufour
Denver Saunders

Jessica Booker
Jeremy Meehan

Ö (incognito)

Our Camp Council provides oversight and direction to the camp at a high level - supporting and empowering leaders to be creative and accomplished in their service to the camp members and Black Rock City.  Our Council Members serve with no term limits.  Some of the roles that the Council and council members are responsible for include:

  • Establishing bylaws and making decisions that impact membership, budget and our role in BRC.
  • Defining roles and selects leads each year.
  • Reviewing finances monthly.
  • Having administrative access to all camp accounts, digital files and social media presence.
  • Share access to all the physical assets of our camp.
  • One council member serves as 'camp lead' as requested by the Burning Man Organization.

Expectations: Council members are expected to have served as a camp lead on playa previously. They must maintain healthy harmony with camp members.  The must be responsive, available, and yielding to their council peers when needed.  They must not be absent from playa for more than 23 months.  Serving as a council member is a year-round role with 1-2 meetings monthly (virtual or in person) January through October.

Click here for more information on the specific roles and responsibilities of camp leads and council members.